Sherwood offers a variety of high-quality creative production services at cost-effective prices. We are leaders in strategizing innovative solutions to help you sell your products or services, boost your branding and market yourself effectively. We can help you create an entertaining and professional audiobook, commercial, reel or promotional materials to better sell yourself to potential customers and agents! Contact us to discuss exactly what you are looking for production-wise and how we can best represent your creative vision with a high quality, entertaining presentation for a great value. Here are just a few of the many creative production services Sherwood provides:


Audiobooks are a booming industry – people today love to multi-task, and listening to an audiobook while driving or exercising or working around the house is a popular activity!. Sherwood can help turn your novel or story into an exciting and entertaining audiobook sure to please your fans and audience. We will work with you to follow your creative vision for your book. We can provide various voice actors, sound effects and scoring, to make your book an all-around enjoyable bestseller on Audible or other online audiobook websites! We work on strict deadlines and will provide you with high-quality deliverables you are completely satisfied with in an agreed upon amount of time.

The Barefoot Spirit – Chapter 1 Excerpt
The Barefoot Spirit – Chapter 2 Excerpt
The Barefoot Spirit – Chapter 7 Excerpt


Do you need a commercial for your product or service to sell it online or on a local TV or radio station? Sherwood can help develop the commercial from the ground up. We are here to help with writing, casting, filming, scoring and delivering your own personal commercial to play on local stations or online. We work with strict deadlines and will make sure you are completely satisfied creatively and technically with the quality of our deliverables.

Demo Reels

Do you need an exciting and entertaining reel to showcase your excellent work to the industry? Sherwood can help you construct your personal talent or project sizzle reel. We can write, film or record extra work with other actors if you need to fill your reel in a bit as well. We know the industry well and understand what Hollywood is looking for and just how to catch an agent or casting director’s attention!

Acting Reel – Dramatc
Acting Reel: Comedic
Acting Reel: Combo
Directing Reel
Voice Over Reel
Sizzle Proof of Concept


Do you have a podcast you need a catchy intro / outro for with an announcer and some music? Let us know what you have in mind to perfectly convey your brand, and we can help construct it! Do you have promotional business materials that you need some audio announcements to accompany? Let us know your ideas and we can help create and record the perfect audio narration to complement your business image.

Podcast Intros and Outros – Creating a New Healthcare Intro Music