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Founded by Matt Weinglass in Santa Barbara, CA back in 1998 and relocated to Los Angeles in 2014, Sherwood Players has come a long way. From a small theatre troupe on the UCSB campus, to a large community of actors, directors, writers, producers, independent creators, and activists. Our goal is to foster community filmmaking on the principles of acting with courage, bringing power to the people, and strength in numbers.  We are a source of empowerment and a platform for all types of artists to find their voices, and tell their stories without apologies. Our events are safe spaces for artists to express themselves, learn, and network.

Sherwood produces and creates films and music videos, makes custom business audio theater and audiobooks, offers classes and live events, throws parties and industry mixers, and runs an international film festival.

If you are interested in having us help bring your project to life, send a message through the Contact Us page.

Where the Passion Begins

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Founder/Artistic Director

Matt Weinglass headshot

An actor, director, writer and producer. He provides the creative direction and vision for our projects and events. Matt believes in fostering community and lifting people up through art. He wrote In-Security and hosts our live and YouTube events.

Managing Director

David Madwin headshot

Performer and creative manager who works to maintain Sherwood's vision and goals. Co-founder of Madwin & Shaw Creative Consulting, and host of the travel show Maddy and David Eat the World.

Producer/Social Media Manager

Barbara Wilder headshot

International actress, producer, director and writer. CEO of LA Film And VIDEO and BWilder Productions. She is also a producer for Sherwood projects, manages the social media, and hosts events. IMDB


Steve Brock headshot.jpg

 An accomplished actor, writer, and filmmaker, his third award winning film "Echoes of Kerberos" is currently going through the festival circuit. He also helps with live events and managing web and email presence. 

Event and BTS Photography


Executive Producer and event photographer, Leslie takes wonderful pictures at events and BTS for productions, and is executive producing films in pre-production

Event Host and Interviews

Lizette Santiago circular headshot.png

Our go to Red Carpet host and newest correspondent, she provides awesome interviews and intros for our live events. Also a Shakespearean trained actress and talented figure skater. 

Sherwood Collaborators

Randy Turrow circular headshot.png

LA veteran producer and helpful voice on bringing projects to life. He is a Line Producer & Unit Production Manager with Producers Guild of America (PGA), and an Assistant Director with the Directors Guild of America (DGA).


Director of Photography/Cinematographer, Editor, and Actor. He has done cinematography for Sherwood films including Apples to Affleck and the In-Security Sizzle.

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 2.59.47 PM.png

Musician, Actress, Voice over artist, and Producer. Her new music video Queen of the Desert is in post-production. She has produced and acted in numerous Sherwood films.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has been playing music since age 15. He worked on a Grammy nominated album, mixes and plays music including for films and 2 of John Leguizamo's TV specials, and is a talented audio engineer and producer.



He coaches leaders worldwide on the art of simplifying spoken and written messaging, and writes for Fortune and Tech Day News


Talented Graphic Designer who creates a variety of materials for Sherwood, from our posters to our logos.


Music Specialist

Professional pianist and composer who has a YouTuber series and plays live events. He played with the band Ballentine, and is a public speaker.

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Sound Designer/Music Specialist

He created the amazing music for Crash and Barefoot Wine B.A.T.


Actor and Talent Manager for Volition Entertainment.


Documentary Producer/Journalist

He has hosted and produced a series of documentaries on Underground TV, and is the creative filmmaker behind Tupamaro.

International Affiliates

adrian circular headshot very lq.png
adrian circular headshot very lq.png

Post Production/Mexico Team

He is an Emmy nominated Editor who edited Tupamaro and the In-Security sizzle reel.


Serbia Team/Producer

Co-Founder and President of 888 Films, our liaison in Serbia working as an associate producer on In-Security.



Serbia Team/Producer

Co-Founder and CEO of 888 Films, valued part of our Serbia team and a producer on In-Security.

fernano circular headshot.png

Director of Animation/Curaçao Team

Co-Director and Lead animator for crash, also creates Sherwood's awesome logos


Sherwood started as a theatre project in Santa Barbara, and from 1998 - 2003

was home to art that pushed limits and challenged norms. 

The Underground started as weekly variety show for LA36 in Los Angeles in 2005, during a time when The Sherwood Players was focused primarily on theatre productions. It was a collaboration between filmmakers who wanted to provide a platform for a variety of artists to showcase their work for a worldwide streaming audience.


After the first and only season of the show aired, the series was eventually canceled by the station due to a backlash from some of the controversial content that was presented -- including an interview in the final episode with the producers of the documentary "Loose Change" an investigation into a possible cover up in the 9/11 attacks.


In 2006, The show's producer (and Sherwood Players founder) Matt Weinglass helped transform The Underground into a production company focused on documentary filmmaking featuring stories from all over the world. Each project was geared to shine a light on human interest topics that were designed to raise consciousness and provoke thought.

Bathtub Film Festival (April 18, 2002)

Out of the Forest, into the Jungle (Nov 29, 2001)

Students Should Support Players’ Artistic Freedom (May 4, 2001)

BFA Faculty Votes Student Director Out of Program(Jan 25, 2001)

Student Actors Insist Show Must Go On (Dec 1, 2000)