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Our Directors Course is a place for people with a desire to direct, whether they are novices or experts looking to hone their craft. It is both a technique and an art. Working to bring your ideas to the stage and screen through the medium of performers requires a passion to tell a story, and the ability to communicate your ideas and have them work in a technical medium.

Taught by Sherwood Founder Matt Weinglass, who has been working for decades as a professional director, actor, and producer, this workshop allows you to get lessons and apply them every class.

Working with actors on a scene over the span of 8 weeks, the directors get to see the direct effect of their vision in a culminating showcase with a live audience.

"[It's] an environment where you can experiment... push new ideas with each other; and rise to new levels. Be open and receptive, and you will achieve great things in this class!" -Christy Rusk (Directing Student)

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Sherwood Players Evening of Cinema and Theatre Redefining the Underground Movement

SPECTRUM Production & Marketing Workshop for Artists are live events featuring top industry professional guest speakers, plus a  surprise guests! We will be sharing with you different innovative ways to create, produce and market your own brand and projects.

SPECTRUM 24 production workshop


Private Speech Coaching

Management For Actors

AFM Investor Conference

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