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Confession of a Union Buster
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Tupamaro: Urban Guerrillas
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Sherwood Players brings you a film about the aftermath of Nicaragua's 2006 decision to outlaw all forms of abortion. The decision shook this small Central American country to its core. We take a look at the effect it had on the individuals, and country as a whole. (Documentary, Short, 9 min, 2008) directed by MARTIN MARKOVITS and MATT WEINGLASS In 2006, Nicaragua banned all forms of abortion including therapeutic abortions, which are operations to save the mother's life, after a furious campaign by the Catholic Church. The new law also established jail sentences of 6 to 30 years for women who terminate their pregnancies and doctors who perform the procedure. As a result, the deaths of women who have had "back alley abortions" have skyrocketed infuriating human and women's rights groups all over the world. It is somewhat ironic that Nicaragua's leftist government approved the law. However, this was largely due to their attempts to appease the powerful Catholic Church in exchange for the church's support for their anti-poverty measures. The Underground went to Nicaragua in 2008 to film interviews with the families of the victims, human rights groups, representatives of the Catholic Church, and government officials - this short documentary is the result. Since then, this film has been used by several human rights groups as testimonials in their litigation to overturn the ban on abortion in Nicaragua. To this day, abortions are entirely outlawed. Wikipedia: IMDBb: The Underground started as weekly variety show for LA36 in Los Angeles in 2005, during a time when The Sherwood Players was focused primarily on theatre productions. It was a collaboration between filmmakers who wanted to provide a platform for a variety of artists to showcase their work for a worldwide streaming audience. After the first and only season of the show aired, the series was eventually canceled by the station due to a backlash from some of the controversial content that was presented -- including an interview in the final episode with the producers of the documentary "Loose Change" an investigation into a possible cover up in the 9/11 attacks. In 2006, The show's producer (and Sherwood Players founder) Matt Weinglass helped transform The Underground into a production company focused on documentary filmmaking featuring stories from all over the world. Each project was geared to shine a light on human interest topics that were designed to raise consciousness and provoke thought. Sherwood Players Productions is an innovative and unique production company, specializing in multi-platform services for content creators and filmmakers with a strong community backbone. We also host live events with entertainment industry leaders and offer classes. Website: Instagram: Facebook: #SherwoodDoc #TheUnderground #LAFilmIndustry #ProductionCompany
TUPAMARO / Original Sizzle Reel (narrated by Ed Asner)

TUPAMARO / Original Sizzle Reel (narrated by Ed Asner)

An intimate look at an infamous Venezuelan vigilante and "colectivo" leader who served as a public official under Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, but never laid down his gun. On Amazon Prime now. Now available on Amazon Prime Video: IMDB: narrated by ED ASNER produced by MATT WEINGLASS, MARTIN MARKOVITS, PETER MARSHALL SMITH and CARLOS CORREDOR co-produced by RYAN FOLAND, MICHELLE BEREZAN, ROSSANA LAFIANZA, CLARA FLORES executive produced by ED ASNER cinematography by CARLOS CORREDOR edited by PETER MARSHALL SMITH original music by DANNY T. LEVIN and GARTH MCALEAVEY sound engineer by JOEL WATERS written and directed by MARTIN MARKOVITS (2014) Ever since the 1999 presidential election of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela up until his death in 2013, the Movimiento Revolucionario Tupamaro (MRT) have become a crucial part of his popular and grassroots support. The Venezuelan Tupamaros were born out of the Marxist guerrilla movement that swept through Latin America in the second half of the 20th century. Influenced by the Cuban revolution and similar Tupamaro groups in Peru and Uruguay, they fought against the perceived injustices of the American capitalist system, which they saw as the root of the rampant poverty affecting the region. The Tupamaros are an extreme leftist militant force, living and operating out of the numerous shantytowns in Caracas. The Tupamaros have been hailed by the poor urban population as modern day Robin Hoods who provide help and administer many of Chavez's social programs in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. However, critics say that Chavez employed the Tupamaros as his own private militia, using violence and intimidation to harass political opponents. They also label the Tupamaros as a vigilante group who police their shantytowns with an eye for an eye mentality and with no regard for rule of law. Go to for more info on how to get involved with our community including upcoming projects and events! Instagram: Facebook:


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