Join us Thursday, December 17th @ 7 pm for our 21st SPECTRUM Virtual Production & Marketing Workshop for Artists featuring special guests Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey creators of Barefoot Wine and Business Audio Theatre (BAT) and 30 year Hollywood veteran, producer, and union production manager Randy Turrow, plus a few surprise guests who will be stopping by as well. We will be sharing with you different innovative ways to create produce and market your talents from home during these challenging times. Additionally, there will be a fun hands-on participation activity for the whole group. We also will be reuniting with the cast & crew of the award-nominated “The Barefoot Spirit Audiobook” and introducing to the Sherwood Community our brand new model for audiobooks called Business Audio Theatre, plus announcing new projects on the slate for 2021. This is a FREE event on Zoom but space is limited. 


Sherwood Players Productions is an innovative and unique production company, specializing in multi-platform services for content creators and filmmakers with a strong community backbone.

Sherwood is a new brand of a production company.

The entertainment industry frequently seems designed to make us feel isolated, out of the loop and out of the know. We don’t believe in that. We are disruptors. We believe in making people feel good about what they can envision, and that through the strength of community anything envisioned can be professionally handled from start to finish.

What makes us different.

What separates us from our competition is our strong focus on the artistic development of every project, our large community, our core values of “people over profit” and our professional-grade production resources, all for an unparalleled competitive value.

We enjoy taking on projects with a purpose.

We make the process fun, friendly and accessible, working with you to help artistically develop your vision. We will go through the creative process together, through each step from inception to completion. We get excited by hearing your ideas and helping creatively develop and produce them with a high-end result. We’ll honor your vision by delivering an elevated product for you that is both value-focused and cost-effective.

We bridge the gap between creative and professional.

Sherwood helps guide projects from conception to completion. We understand the elevated quality necessary to present yourself at a level of professionalism that will get you the results you deserve, but we also intimately understand the artistic vision. We enjoy focusing on the details that are so crucial when it comes to building engaging, entertaining and exciting content. We’re here to make you feel confident that you can get your idea to make sense both creatively and professionally.

We produce high quality, engaging multi-platform projects.

We are tech savvy and maintain a professional-grade approach to every project we take on, while also understanding how to develop these services at a value that makes sense. We have accomplished experts in all creative fields and taylor each team of specialists to best suit your needs.

No project is too big or too small.

Feature films, short films, documentaries, animated features and shorts, TV pilots, web-series, audiobooks, commercials, demo reels, voice over reels, podcast intros, music videos, sizzle reels, theater productions, showcases and event planning – we do it all. We’ll take your creative ideas and bring them through to the finish line, filling in certain gaps that others might have missed – in a variety of mediums at a high value and competitive rates.

Sherwood puts community first.

Our formula works because of our community. Sherwood Players boasts an extensive network of experienced industry professionals all over the globe, specializing in various elements of production. We have an immense talent pool to pull from – from writing to scoring to directing to acting to cinematography to sound design to final edit and even event planning, we can get you the exact specs you need for your project.

There is always an opportunity for YOU.

Sherwood also offers a large body of community events, classes, workshops and conferences. We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong, dynamic community of artists. We are interactive and inclusive. There is always an opportunity for you to get involved in community events, new projects and work opportunities while building your resume and personal network all at the same time.