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Auditions for our next Business Audio Theatre (BAT) project are officially here, and we would love for you to be a part of it. Our last Audiobook "The Barefoot Spirit" was a FINALIST at the 2020 Audie Awards for BEST BUSINESS AUDIOBOOK. So who knows how far we can take this one. 

Thanks to our partners Michael HoulihanBonnie Harvey and Ryan Foland for getting us ready for production. Let's do this, guys!

Please send an email (details below) with your interest by 7pm on Friday, July 22th. We will send more info and sides at that time.


“The Brain Savers” the incredible story of Dr. Colin McDonald and his close team of doctors who revolutionized the healthcare industry by bringing life saving technology to bedside patient care.

A 6 Episode Podcast (approximately 3.5 hrs total run time)

Produced by Sherwood Players Productions

Directed by Matt Weinglass

Sound Engineered by Ignacio Iggy Elisavetsky

8 PRINCIPAL (6m, 2f)
10 SUPPORTING (7m, 3f)


Pay: Standard Audiobook SAG-AFTRA member rate of $235.00 / PFH

[Note: SAG does not currently provide an official Union agreement for Audiobooks so this is technically a Non-Union project, however, SAG members and Non-Union are both welcome]

Please reply by Fri, July 22th at 7 PM (PDT) to and include in your email:


2) LOCATION (Los Angeles based highly preferred)

3) VOICEOVER RESUME link, pdf file, or include in body of email (please list dialects if applicable)

4) VOICEOVER REEL link or wav/mp3 files (optional)

5) ROLE(S) you are interested in reading for -- list character names, plus please specify if you are interested in FEATURED BACKGROUND roles as well. (***Narrator, Principal, Supporting character descriptions, see below)

6) SCHEDULING CONFLICTS - list any out-of-town / book-out dates during the month of August.

7) Also, include if you would be available for an in person TABLE READ on Sunday, July 31st in Hollywood. (this is not mandatory but preferable)

We will be emailing you all back shortly with character sides along with self-recorded audition instructions.

Thanks so much and we are looking forward to working with a lot of you soon.


NARRATOR (f) -- Warm, accessible, engaging. Must have exceptional reading skills, articulation skills, and pay attention to detail. High energy and endurance required. Previous voice over experience is a MUST.


COLIN MCDONALD (m) late 30s. Articulate, soft-spoken, with a Harvard, Boston accent. Very outgoing and takes pride in the care and empathy he provides to his patients. At times he was impatient, even with a flash of temper that would flare up when he felt overwhelmed. But he would settle down and reality would take over after a wee bit of time. The main character in our script. One of the founders of Brain Saving Technologies and Specialists On Call.

DONNA MCDONALD (f) Colin's wife. Grew up in Colorado, a meek voice. Protective of Colin, and challenges his ideas in a friendly, supportive manner. She is like “everyman,” asking practical questions. Intelligent, gracious, and no BS. The "voice of reason" for Colin.

JIM ELKIN (m) 60-70s. NY/Boston accent. Not academic sounding, high-pitched, youthful voice. A social worker by trade, quiet, fatherly man with a very inquisitive mind. Jim grew up in Newton MA in a Jewish neighborhood. The first investor in Brain Saving Technology.

CHARLES MARRIOTT (m) Late 30s. He is from Oklahoma with a slight twang, a cultured academic voice, well-mannered. Highly educated. An MIT Sloan School of Business graduate in their health care division. Colin and Charles handled investor matters for the company.

STU BERNSTEIN (m) in his 60s. He was a shorter, bald man with a smile on his face most of the time, but with a temper as well. Big voice, fast talking New York City guy - rough, engaging, funny, affable. Excitable and emotional, raising his voice with excitement. He was street smart. Ed Asner-like wise ass. Lacks subtly. Used car salesman style. A larger than life character, great salesman.

RICHARD MORTON (m) elderly man with a deep, raspy voice. Accent - outside of Boston, North Shore - with a bit of NYC thrown in (which is smoother than Boston). Think Andrew Cuomo. A distinguished man with an old-world face capped by wisps of short grey hair. An MIT guy. A war hero who had invented many devices. Richard was a mechanical engineering genius. He had extreme wealth, was used to getting his own way; abrupt, pushy, arrogant.

TERRY HAILEY (m) late 20s / early 30s. Pawtucket accent or Cranston - a strong, workingman's accent, gangster-like annoying accent, high pitched and totally without culture, sounding like a low-life from the edges of Providence. Arrogant, goofy, cocky, braggart, tells too many stories about himself which may or may not be true. All stories put him in the position of being the first of just about everything. He is, however, an accomplished engineer and apparently a privileged and pampered individual by his boss, Richard Morton.

JEANINE LOMBARD (f) mid 20s, grew up in a small town in Ohio. First generation to attend medical school. Fast talking, compassionate, eager to learn, young, enthusiastic, professional, and a great admirer of Colin's ability to reach small hospitals and give all patients equal access to excellent medical care through telemedicine and Specialists On Call.


ELI HEYMAN (m) early 30s. Warm, thick Israeli-accent. Came up with the idea for a portable, miniaturized CT scanner while on his duty in the Israeli army. Recruits Colin to help develop Brain Saving Technologies.

DAVID WEBSTER (m) an ex-army officer and tank commander in Korea, who worked in sales and marketing for pharmaceutical devices. A terrific salesman from Boston, high energy, fast talking, get-the-job-done kind of guy.

LEE SCHWAMM (m) Early 40s. Youthful voice, cultured, loves to be the center of attention. Harvard and Massachusetts accent - Bobby Kennedy like. An influencer and mentor to Colin. A creative, bold, intelligent leader; renowned/distinguished doctor of neurology and professor at Harvard. A self-interested optimist.

UHDI DAFNI (m) early 50s. Israeli man; an engineer. Creative, self-assured, and flashy; a bit sarcastic, not easily flustered. Young Wernher von Braun voice.

JOHN MOYNIHAN (m) North Shore accent, which is a bit of a combination between Boston and New York. Intellectual, practical engineer who had long worked in the medical field in the Boston area. A matter of fact speaking style, rather flat, not affected or excited by the emotions of others. Geek-type personality.

KATHLEEN PLATT MOYNIHAN (f) 45. North Shore Boston/New York accent. Brother is John Moynihan. Was the first marketing and salesperson for Brain Saving Technologies.

WILLIAM PENNYWORTH (m) Late 30s. Southern California education; preppy, Malibu sophistication. Thinks a lot of himself and expects everyone else to as well. Pompous and has an inflated ego.

BROOK DALTREY (m) a distinguished, world-weary man in his 70’s, who listens to Colin and Charles intently. Tired and worn out.

DR. HEATHER LINN (f) mid 30s, southern belle from Houston, slight Texas twang.

KAREN DELI (f) mid-30’s. High energy, fast talking, excitable.


Approximately 40 - 45 Various Characters (m and f) appear in one scene a piece, including DOCTORS, NURSES, PATIENTS, OFFICE STAFF, RESTAURANT STAFF and INVESTORS. Actors voicing these roles must have a range of character voices and be able to perform multiple roles.

[Note: if you are requesting to audition for Principle and/or Supporting roles, you will also be considered for these roles, if specified in your submission]





SPIFF 2021 screening at the Complex Hollywood was a huge success! 

Go to to see the winners, and the upcoming submission dates for 2022.