TITLE: Crash: The Animated Series
GENRE: Animation, Family, Educational, Action, Comedy

LOGLINE: In the age of technology and social media domination, distracted driving has become one of the most serious causes of injury and fatality for our youth. Fortunately, there’s “Crash” the unlikely superhero who appears on the scene to stop distracted drivers before it’s too late.

TAG LINE: When trouble calls, he takes the phone.

DEMOGRAPHIC: Kids ages 10 – 17, parents


SETTING: Los Angeles, present day

SYNOPSIS: Meet Crash, he’s just your average kid right out of high-school, trying to make it on his own. Except for one thing, he happens to have super powers, and he happens to use them to stop other kids from distracted driving.  But as the local media catches word of Los Angeles’s newest “crime-fighter”, Crash is eventually elevated to celebrity status only to find it even harder do his job with new distractions in his life including a desperate out-of-work computer genius who sets out to take down Crash, the man he claims is responsible for his own downward spiral.


A filmmaker, actor, artist and political activist, Matt has traveled extensively, filming documentaries about social issues in Nicaragua, Mexico, Greenland, Venezuela and throughout the U.S.  He most recently developed, produced and co-directed the feature documentary Tupamaro (2016) about a violent biker gang who patrol the dangerous streets of Venezuela, co-produced by Ed Asner. In 2013, he established Sherwood Players Productions, a film and theater company that serves to create art which is both thought-provoking and entertaining.  Matt is also a Directing Instructor in Hollywood, utilizing an innovative hands-on approach to teach first-time and intermediate directors.


He began piano lessons at the age of seven, and his father taught him the guitar, although, it wasn’t until high school that he realized his potential for composition as a career path. While taking an introductory music theory course, Tyler discovered his love for creating music, and stringing together chords and cadences like puzzle pieces fitting together to form an elaborate work of art. Gilbert earned his B.A. in Music Composition from the California Institute of the Arts (2012). He has also written music for many live theater productions at UCLA . In addition, Gilbert has scored independent feature films such as “OMG…We’re In A Horror Movie.” It’s been said of him that he brings a high level of creativity and professionalism to every project that he works on.


Graphic designer, illustrator, animator, post producer, director and musician, Fernando has worked on television channels and creative studios, in 2009 he and his wife established in Venezuela Pimentón Studio, his very own company to keep pushing the boundaries of what he can do, working mostly with ad campaigns and creating brand identities. Being the creative director in the company, Fernando is always giving ideas, giving support in the projects and never asking his staff something that he isn’t capable to do by himself. In 2015 after moving to the Curacao Island with his family he established Pimentón Studio Curacao, the first international branch for the company.



CONTACT: Matt Weinglass,  Creator/Writer, Sherwood Players Productions, 310-919-7766