Sherwood Players and COVID-19

Matt Weinglass and the staff of Sherwood Players have put into place procedures that are being used industry wide. While we have many wonderful events coming up soon, we are taking precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within our community. Therefore, we are currently putting all in person events on hold until it is deemed safe by the CDC to have group meetings. Instead, to maintain recommended social distancing, we have special on line events that we have planned that are coming soon. We understand that you are receiving similar information across the internet and we understand that this can seem frustrating.

As a community steeped in creativity, we encourage you to take time in your lives to get in touch with your creativity. There are many different things that you can do in relation to your connection to the Industry. If you’re a writer, pick up that old script and do a rewrite or start something new. If you’re an actor, you can learn a new monologue, update your resumes, refresh your IMDb page, edit your reels, or go on Skype and work on a scene with a fellow actor.

We understand that this is an uncertain time for people in the creative community and the Industry at large. By focusing on your creativity, you’ll spend less time focusing on the uncertainty around you. Change the narrative. Re-write your story.

Check out our upcoming events on the main page. Here is a list of the events that we are planning in the future.

  • The next Sherwood Director’s Course & Showcase (for experienced AND first time directors and actors)
  • AUDITIONS for the next Business Audio Theatre Audiobook (the exact project to be locked down shortly)

SAG-AFTRA has put together a page with knowledge of COVID-19 here in relation to actors, members and non-members. Also for direct knowledge about the situation please click here to go to the CDC website. If you are a performer or crew that has been told to report to set, we encourage you to take necessary precautions.

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