The Barefoot Spirit Audiobook Named Top Finalist at 2020 Audie Awards

Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, creators of Barefoot Wine and Authors of the Barefoot Sprit

The Barefoot Spirit Audiobook was recently named top FINALIST at the 2020 Audie Awards. The creators of Barefoot Wine — Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey were at the Awards Gala in NYC in early March.

During that same week, Michael and Bonnie appeared on C-Suite in an interview published to the C-Suite membership, playable on airlines, hotels, and featured in the C-Suite Library as new and highly recommended.  Incidentally, NYC had no confirmed cases of the virus when we arrived, and they had only one reported case in NYC on the day we left. Whew!

Progress was made in getting the audiobook available to the membership of the Library of Congress: Library for the Blind and Disabled as well as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (at no charge to them). The executive director of the CNIB said:

“I binge listened to your book on Saturday. Loved every minute of it!” – Diane Bergeron, CNIB

They also did a new podcast and had a previous podcast published, published a new article in The Business Journals (43 cities), a new article for the C-Suite, as well as got a plug in a book critique column for Book Trib that was published in 5K newspapers nationwide.

The Barefoot Spirit Audiobook is narrated by Alamada Karatihy and features Ed Asner and Gigi Perreau, with Matt Weinglass, Hazel Paraoan, Ruffy Landayan and Tom Malloy. Additional characters are voiced by Corey Krueger, Gerard Marzilli, Case Williams, Robert E Weiner, Jay David, Jared Boghosian, Courtney Lin, Jennifer Van Heeckeren, Lizette Santiago, Louie Mandrapilias, Steve Brock, Mary John Benedict, Dennis Zen and JL Coronado. Original music and sound engineered by Tyler David Gilbert with additional sound recordings by Charlie Waymire and Blair Hardman. It’s executive produced by Michael Houlihan, Bonnie Harvey and Ryan Foland and is directed by Matt Weinglass.

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